Sunday, December 18, 2011

"Did you know that beauty surrounds us
Its all around us
In the simplest of things
A babies first laugh
A mothers gentle smile
These things that we see or do
Every single day are beautiful
I notice things that others do not
I see beauty were others see nothing
A butterfly coming out of its cocoon
There's something thats worth watching
A father holding his baby
For the very first time
Is a beautiful moment not to be missed
A simple dewdrop on a piece of grass
Shines the reflection of the sun
Is it beautiful
To some it is not
But to me I see its inner beauty
The fact that its something so simple
Yet so capturing of the sun's rays
A rainbow that people see is beautiful yes
But what about a drop of paint on paper
Just a simple drop of paint is beautiful
Its not in the big things
That we should look for beauty in
Its in the simple things
That at first wouldn't capture out attention
But when we look a second time
Maybe even a third or fourth time
We see what we should have seen the first time
A little spark hits us when we see it
And we have to just appreciate it
For we know that we may never
See such a thing again
A once in a life time thing
These are beautiful
But what if we could see it everyday
It would no longer be beautiful to us
So we need to just notice it
Every once in a while
So that that simple beauty
Never fades from us
Not from our hearts
Nor our minds
And never from our soul
Simple beauty...I would rather see it
Than some extravagant and obnoxious
For they can be created
While the other just noticed
Life is a simple beauty
So open your eyes
And really look around you"

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